A Complementary Therapy for Trauma Recovery

Yoga therapy is the application of traditional yogic practices for a particular therapeutic effect.

With this membership plan you will get access to therapeutic practices that are designed specifically for survivors of trauma.

Trauma and its effects are different for each individual. You do not have to experience a major crisis to form traumatic responses.

For some, trauma looks like living in a stressful situation for an extended period of time. For some it looks like growing up with harsh parents, or no parents.

Ultimately, you make the decision if this is the right course for you.

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With this membership you will gain access to practices that will help you chill out and regulate your central nervous system. The course includes:

  • Gentle yoga
  • Guided meditation
  • Sound healing
  • Yoga Nidra

Example Curriculum

  Yoga Therapy for Survivors of Trauma
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  Guided Meditations
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  Traditional Yoga Nidra
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Yoga Therapy for Trauma