"I would say that Skylar is an excellent instructor. She is very knowledgeable, intuitive and professional. She brings a peaceful yet strong demeanor to all that she teaches. I have found our weekly sessions not only very helpful physically, but also mentally and emotionally and if I miss a session all 3 of those areas do not feel as healthy to me. I can absolutely recommend her services. I'm grateful for the help she has given me."

- Deb

Hi, I’m Skylar

I am a 500 hour RYT and a certified Nutrition Coach. Most importantly, I am a woman who struggled with extreme anxiety for most of my life. I turned to all kinds of destructive habits in order to dull the constant mental and physical pain that I experienced as a result of my tension.

In my early twenties I found yoga and it was a total game changer for me. I was finally able to breathe!

Since then I have dedicated my life to the study and practice of holistic therapies.

It is my mission to help people who are struggling with anxiety be free of destrictive patterns so they can step fully into their lives as their truest selves.